Phoenix Suns Finish Season Via eSports, Bain Capital Seeking Investment, Etsy Growth at Seller Expense, Influencer U, Amazon Prime Taxed by Volume

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Phoenix Suns Finish Season Via eSports

Bain Captial Actively Seeking Investments

Etsy is trying to get bigger, and it’s pushing away small sellers

"To tell you the truth I am actively looking for another place to sell."

Last December, Jessica Luu thanked her customers for keeping her jewelry store in the top 1 percent of Etsy shops for yet another year, according to rankings from a third-party analytics service.

On Etsy’s forums, sellers called it “outrageous,” “unconscionable,” and “absolutely absurd.” In conversations with The Verge , many said the same things — though several also asked for anonymity due to concerns about criticizing the platform on which their businesses rely.

Big 'gram on campus: At USC, students train to become influencers

At USC, social media influencing and content creation are more than just a hobby — they're becoming careers.

Gabrielle Robinson, 21, and Phillip Glascock, 20, make a TikTok video during Reach, a social media club, at University of Southern California in Los Angeles on Feb. 12, 2020.Jenna Schoenefeld / for NBC News

Jenna Schoenefeld / for NBC NewsStudents shuffled into a lower level classroom in Wallis Annenberg Hall on USC’s campus on an evening in mid-February, eager for the fifth lesson from Kozinets in the much sought-after Influencer Relations class.

Gates Foundation, Wellcome, Mastercard Launch $125M Coronavirus Accelerator

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome, and Mastercard have committed $125 million toward an accelerator to develop COVID-19 treatments.

The COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator is designed to bring together resources and expertise to lower the financial and technical risk for academia, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, while ensuring that new treatments are accessible and affordable to people in low-resource settings.

“Science is moving at a phenomenal pace against COVID-19, but to get ahead of this epidemic we need greater investment and to ensure research coordination,” stated Jeremy Farrar, PhD, director of Wellcome.

The Coronavirus Has Brought The Dawn Of The Virtual Happy Hour

What to do when no one is allowed to hang out? Crack a cold one and charge your phone: the age of digital drinks is upon us.

Social media sites like Twitter lit up with dozens of messages over the last couple of days about the dawn of the digital happy hour, a concept that a few years ago would’ve sounded like a bad Silicon Valley plot point.

Berlin doesn’t have the harsh restrictions that Italy or China does, but the German capital has already closed schools through Easter and announced yesterday that it would also force its vibrant nightlife scene to go quiet too, shuttering clubs, bars and concert halls .

Amazon Prime Will Falter During Coronavirus Crisis, Experts Say

Amazon Prime is a logistical nightmare during the best of times. Supply chain issues, increased demand, and the potential of a warehouse outbreak are putting pressure on the system.

In the coming weeks and months as coronavirus continues to spread, many Americans, holed up in their homes and apartments for purposes of quarantine or social distancing , will rely increasingly on Amazon’s delivery services to fill all of their material needs.

Amazon is facing pressure from three different sides: Increased demand from consumers, the very real potential of coronavirus spreading through a warehouse, and supply chain interruptions.