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28 Moves to Survive (& Thrive) in a Downturn

In the face of a global pandemic and a financial meltdown, a new reality confronts Founders. Here are 28 moves to survive and thrive during a downturn.

I’ve been advising my portfolio companies on the tactics we used to navigate through those very tough days, weeks, and months — and I felt it would be beneficial for the entire Founder community to make these publicly available.

At Trulia, we negotiated deals with newspapers and other online portals to take over their real estate classified sections, add our branding and integrate with our system.

Hoping to escape coronavirus, city dwellers are fleeing to California's deserts and mountains

Just two weeks after Gina Grande landed her dream job in San Francisco, authorities ordered residents to stay home in a desperate bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Rumors of fistfights breaking out in grocery stores soon followed.

People wearing facemasks buy supplies at a crowded vegetable market at Piliyandala on the outskirts of Sri Lanka's capital city Colombo on March 24, as the authorities briefly lifted a curfew to allow residents to stock up on essentials amid concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

A child walks next to members of the "Psalm 100" evangelical church, dressed as angels and holding placards making reference to coronavirus (COVID-19) are seen during a demonstration at the Paso del Norte international border bridge as taken from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, March 23.

COVID-19: Live Ecommerce Sales Trends & Resources

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) evolving at such a rapid pace, ShipBob has kept a close eye on what it all means for the ecommerce industry.

The following data is compiled and aggregated based on the 3,000+ merchants shipping millions of orders across the world by leveraging ShipBob’s fulfillment centers.

Amazon Unlocks Batch of Kids’ Shows Free to Stream for All Customers

With millions of kids cooped up at home, Amazon is opening up free streaming access to more than 40 children’s shows — including its original series — to all customers worldwide. …

With millions of kids cooped up at home, Amazon is opening up free streaming access to more than 40 children’s shows — including its original series — to all customers worldwide.

Amazon is providing full access to original kids’ series and specials, including “The Dangerous Book for Boys,” “Lost in Oz,” “Just Add Magic,” “Pete the Cat,” “Costume Quest,” “Tumble Leaf,” “Bug Diaries,” “Creative Galaxy,” “Jessy & Nessy,” “Wishenpoof,” “Annedroids,” “Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street,” “The Snowy Day” and “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

Morioka Shoten

Morioka Shoten is a tiny bookstore of “a Single Room with a Single Book” in Tokyo. It sells only one book; more precisely, multiple copies of one title that changes weekly, with a small book-inspired art exhibition on the walls. Its challenging, minimalistic philosophy and well-curated shows attract numerous visitors from all over the world.

It used to be the office of Nippon Kobo, an editorial production company led by renowned photographer Yonosuke Natori, who also invited Yusaku Kamekura, Ayao Yamana and Takashi Kohno.

Also, when the negotiation to co-establish the firm in 2014, Toyama finally agreed to invest in the venture when he was guided to the venue in Ginza, understanding the cultural and historical value of the building, and possibilities opening a bookstore there could bring about.

''Pinterest Meets Mobile Gaming': Venice-Based Robin Games Is Working on a New Genre

A teenage boy holed up in his basement may be the image most people associate with gamers, but lifelong game-player Jill Wilson thinks the new face may be women on their cell phones looking to release a little stress. Think Pinterest meets mobile gaming.

A teenage boy holed up in his basement may be the image most people associate with gamers, but lifelong game-player Jill Wilson thinks the new face may be women on their cell phones looking to release a little stress.

Mobile gaming is projected this year to top $100 billion in sales, according to a January report by market data firm App Annie

Naked Brands: Basketball

Lebron James, NBA Twitter, and The Future of Basketball

Circumstances began to change in the 1980s when the stars saviors came along: Bird ignited the Celtics, Magic Johnson injected a spirited pulse into a sleepy Lakers franchise, and Chicago’s tailspin ended when Michael Jordan saved them five years later.

Banned items included t-shirts, headgear (such as do-rags), sunglasses worn indoors and metal chains… While there was some backlash to these guidelines from players, some of whom felt the rejection of so-called “urban” gear had racial implications, most embraced the change… The NBA is known as the most fashionable sports league in North America, but it mostly fell ass-backwards into this reputation.”

Popeyes Wants to Share Its Netflix Password With You

Its new campaign is dubbed ‘Fried Chicken ‘n Chill.’

Keeping in that family spirit, Popeyes is giving a Netflix username and password to 1,000 customers who tweet a picture of their at-home fried chicken order with the hashtag #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes.

All over the world, people are working and parenting from home without the usual distractions of playdates, outings and trips to the office, bar, restaurant or park.

How Your Startup Can Survive a Worldwide Pandemic

It’s time to figure out the minimum of what’s needed to keep your company alive — and what needs to be left behind

But investors with gray hair can remember the nuclear winter after the past recessions of 2000 and 2008 and can offer some historical patterns of crashes and recovery to CEOs running early stage startups.

As a startup CEO, you need to know if your board is going to be screaming at you for not radically cutting burn rate and coming up with a new business model — or they’ll be yelling at you to stop being distracted and stay the course.

WhatsApp is so popular in Africa, even knock-off versions are used more often than Facebook

WhatsApp's popularity across Africa is reflected in the wide use of modified version of the official app

With a platform that mirrors regular text messaging in its ease of use, WhatsApp’s appeal as a one-stop shop for personal and group chats as well as sharing media files through a lite interface has been a major hit on the continent.

That’s not the only downside either: GB WhatsApp notes the app “ is not safe for fair usage ” and leaves users at risk of malware infections when downloaded from other sites.

7 Days of Covid-19 as an Early Stage Founder

“Got the information on Mondaaaaay” How to diversify their skills so they can do online workshops, tutorials etc Communicate to Clients the importance of Support Your Local Beauty Pro Treatments to book to increase immunity and reduce anxiety Services that can be done on video like Tarot and Coaching

Because Beautystack has social features that other booking platforms don’t have, such as the ability to like, save, comment, follow on your fave treatments etc, we have the opportunity to create engagement that doesn’t just centre around our GMV.

What Should I Watch? Ranker's New App Aims to Make it Easier to Choose Across Viewing Platforms

Ranker.com, which launched in 2009, is a trove of all kinds of rankings derived from user votes. Categories range from the relatively normal (The Best TV Shows to Binge Watch, The Greatest Animated Series Ever Made) to the wildly specific (TV Shows That Only Smart People Appreciate, The Most Epic In...

Ranker, an L.A.-based digital media firm boasting 40 million monthly visitors, on Monday morning released Watchworthy, a service that uses machine learning to give users bespoke what-to-watch recommendations.

Watchworthy will initially be available only on the iOS app store, but Chief Executive Clark Benson told dot.LA that the company plans to roll it out to Android and connected devices like Roku and Apple TV later this year.