YouTube Beauty AR, Lulu Partners with Sephora, Dominos Continues to Innovate, Vegan Leather Trending

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YouTube’s new AR Beauty Try-On lets viewers virtually try on makeup while watching video reviews – TechCrunch

  • Makeup tutorials and reviews are some of the most popular content on YouTube, as they help people learn about new products as well as how to apply them. YouTube is now kicking that experience up a notch with the introduction of a new AR feature for virtual makeup try-on right from the YouTube app. …

  • Called AR Beauty Try-On, the feature is designed to be used in a split-screen experience while YouTube viewers watch the makeup tutorial.

  • Here, a YouTube viewer could access a palate of colors — like new lipstick shades, for example — and tap to apply them to their own face while the video plays above.

  • The feature is currently in the very early stages of development — alpha testing — and is being offered to YouTube creators through Google’s in-house branded content program, FameBit .

Lululemon's self-care line to debut at Sephora

  • The products, which include dry shampoo and deodorant, will also be available at select Lululemon locations and studio partners.

  • Lululemon announced Tuesday the official launch of its personal care line, which debuts with dry shampoo, deodorant, face moisturizer and lip balm, according to a company press release .

  • Additionally, the Lululemon brand story continues to play itself out in the product offerings by emphasizing natural ingredients and partnering with athletes to understand customer needs.

  • Hong explained that the company "checks the necessary boxes" around cruelty-free ingredients that are free of parabens and sulfates and packaging functionalities and that athletes will be able to throw items in their gym bags.

Domino’s serves up self-driving pizza delivery pilot in Houston – TechCrunch

  • Domino’s really emphasizes its commitment to “innovation,” but even if it’s a marketing tactic, the global pizza brand does indeed walk the walk. Case in point: It’s launching a new pilot for self-driving pizza delivery in Houston in partnership with Nuro. Autonomous-d…

  • Case in point: It’s launching a new pilot for self-driving pizza delivery in Houston in partnership with Nuro.

  • The company’s ability to book such tremendous talent as a startup probably has a lot to do with the nearly $1 billion investment from SoftBank it announced in February.

  • Domino’s will make use of Nuro’s fleet of autonomous test vehicles to deliver pizzas to people in Houston who order through their app or online, and the pizzas will be delivered using Nuro’s R2 vehicle, a second generation of its fully autonomous electric test car, which will go into service later this year.

Why we can’t relax about vegan leather

  • Synthetic alternatives to animal hide, such as PVC and PU leather, are releasing toxic substances into the environment – which means the hunt is on for eco-friendly materials.

  • So how long before our “leather” goods are derived from apples, pineapple leaf or bio-engineered yeast? Vogue Business talks to experts in the field.

  • I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion,” Donatella Versace said in 2018, one year before Prada officially joined Gucci, Burberry and Coach in banning fur from its offerings.

  • Created by London-based company Ananas Anam, it is regarded as the most affordable, plant-based leather option and has appeared in hundreds of products, including those made by Hugo Boss.

  • Modern Meadow says it can tune the bio-engineered material to a brand’s exact specifications of thickness, texture, colour and stretch, and it would be comparable in price to luxury leather.

Think Tank: Savage x Fenty and Fabletics Drive E-commerce Success With Hyper Personalization

  • Adobe is helping TechStyle Fashion Group manage content to improve customer engagement.

  • Two chief executive officers lead the company: One is a technologist at heart, with a long history of creating value in the younger days of the Internet; the other, a serial entrepreneur with creative ad agency roots, was an early pioneer in e-commerce.

  • This approach set the foundation for TechStyle Fashion Group, an online membership retailer that grew up in a digital world where screens are smaller, needs are more immediate and attention spans are shorter.

  • Their ability to leverage technology, data and creativity as a core part of the retail experience has enabled them to not only create more intimate and long-lasting relationships with their customers, but also set a high bar for the industry around e-commerce strategy.