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Target Expands Private Label, Netflix to Wow Children, Branded Living Spaces, Data is Not the New Oil, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy Just Launched E-Commerce, Small Warehouse Demand

Glossier Millennial Catnip, Bezos Master Plan, Self Checkout Woes, Ipsy's $500M Revenue, eSports Facilities, YouTube Incubating Menswear Designers, Used Car Glut, Uniqlo's Free Samples

LVMH Invests in Madhappy, Ugly Drinks' US Launch, Pepsi's $2BN Online Sales, Baublebar's Affordable Jewelry, Walmart Data, Nogroni, Science, Porsche vs. Tesla, Global Whiskey Boom

Chernin Groups Acquires More Niche, Bob Ross Fandom, Arbitrary Media Valuations, Community Value, Amazon in Singapore

Away Goes Soft, PopSugar Acquired, Wendy's Breakfast Wars, Teen Spending Falls, Tmall Luxury Transformation, Open Source Commercialization, Barry Diller's Underdog Assets

RealReal Partners with Burberry, Trolling Marketing Strategy, Netflix vs. Disney, Everything is Private Equity, Online Treasure Hunts

Shopify's China Plans, Forces Shaping World, Serena Backs Online Academy, Tesla Acquires Hibar Systems, Subaru From Niche to Major Player, City Flight, Star Wars Cookware

Apple Content Distribution, Millennial Furniture, Sugarfina Bankruptcy, Glassless Cocktails, Ad Budgets Slashed, Hill City Retail, Audio Branding, Halle Tecco Raises $5M, Remote Robotic Heart Surgery

Yeti Stays Cool, Brands Embed in Culture, Embrace Nostalgia, Wineries Cut Production, Lively's Brand Ambassadors, Amazon invests in SmartRent, Goodnight Sports Illustrated

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